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Surge Guard

Surge Guard

As your electronic appliances and equipment become more and more complex, the need for protection from harmful voltage surges increases.

Fairfield Electric Cooperative has lightning and surge protection built into its system which guard against most voltage surges caused by birds, animals and trees contacting power lines, accidents involving utility poles, lightning storms and other disturbances. Even with this protection, voltage surge can reach your home.

To add a layer of protection at your service entrance, the cooperative offers a surge guard device for $5.95 per month.  The device is installed on the outside of the home between the meter base and the meter and helps protect your home from lightning and power surges.  The device is not a substitute for lightning rods or other devices intended to protect people and property against direct or nearby lightning strikes. While it provides significant protection, the Surge Guard device does not provide complete protection from every possible voltage surge. Before installation, a Fairfield Electric Cooperative employee will measure your home’s ground resistance at the ground rod connected to your meter base.  If additional grounding is needed, they will make a recommendation on how to improve the ground.

Fairfield Electric Cooperative also recommends that members install plug in surge protection devices for electronic equipment such as computers and televisions. A plug in device with a minimum of 1000 joules is recommended.  If you have questions about plug in surge protection or would like to schedule an installation of a surge guard device, call us at 1-800-628-0336.




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